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It is the premier to the first of a new stunning series that is not only made to entertain, but also to emphasize a powerful message to all humanity about morals and explore the depths of worldly and spiritual conflict. This book is definitely a must read.

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Realistic Poetry International takes your writing journey serious and believes poets deserve the same advantages and opportunities as every other writer in the literary realm when pursuing their goals and dreams! This is why our Team has taken the time to understand what tools and resources it takes to develop a 5-star poetry book and work diligently to orchestrate the best ways and strategies to deliver your project to the public!


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Author Zephaniah Johnson, 10 yrs. old, takes us on an exciting journey in her first poetry book, Poems from a Princess: The Fun, Imaginative Adventures of Zephaniah Johnson, where she visits many different places, sees many interesting fun things and brings to life all the whimsical dreams from her brilliant imagination! This animated book of rhymes is an excellent choice for children of all ages and implements many positive factors important to any child’s life such as family and friends, nature and animals, and also plenty of examples to illustrate positive actions, attitudes and behaviors helpful to the youth. Plus, as a special treat, this edition also includes four meaningful memorable short tales sure to captivate families and children and teach some very valuable lessons! From treasure-seeking pirates sailing the sea all the way to flaming-fire pizza monsters in the city, Author Zephaniah Johnson is a playful princess of bliss and invites you in a world of poetry where the sun always shines!


All poems written in this book were thought of and created by Zephaniah Destiny Johnson at the age of 10 yrs. old. Her talent and skillful rhymes makes this a great book for all ages!

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Poems from a Princess: The Fun, Imaginative Adventures of Zephaniah Johnson

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